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Over the course of the last 15 years, I’ve lent my creative writing, animation, and video production talents to clients and ad agencies in several parts of the world. On almost all those projects, I grew from rubbing elbows with other talented creatives, talking (sometimes heatedly) with smart clients, and experimenting with myself until I got things right.

This blog will bridge two audiences that could alway use some better understanding of each other: creatives and their clients. I’ll be publishing a lot of content that helps our clients (marketing managers, small business owners, product managers, account managers, etc) better understand and appreciate the creative process and the motives of the passionate creative. At the same time, I’ll be sharing insights from my professional experiences with newer creatives and inviting comments so I can continue to learn from dialog with both communities. And of course we’ll be talking a lot about the power of storytelling. Welcome.

– Ben

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